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The easiest way to see the beauties of the Russian polar region is from the city of Murmansk where there is a flight and railway connection. Arctic Freedom guides will provide you with exciting and comprehensive one-day and multi-day tours on the Kola Peninsula which start from Murmansk. The terrain of the peninsula, located on the North-West of Russian, is diverse. From here you can travel to tundra, coastline fjords, mountain peaks, Northern tundra. The climate allows to develop both winter and extreme travel industry.

Extreme lovers will find it exciting to ride an inflatable snow banana-boat, a reindeer sleigh and a snowmobile. The highly topical one-day tour programs are carried out in winter which lasts from October till April in Murmansk. Only in winter you, traveling in a warm van, you can ride snowmobiles, see Northern lights, feed reindeer. If you want traveling around the Kola Peninsula with Russian Freedom, call us.

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